Xander Kabat Photography is all about creating amazing photos.

Whether shooting business images,  portraits, glamour, or immortalising your Pet, we can help.  With over 20 years of photographic experience, Xander Kabat Photography has the skills and passion to bring your visions to life.


We believe that as photographers our most import job is to hear you. To really listen to your ideas and vision and make them a reality. Your images should be a collaborative effort, combining my skills and experience with your vision.


Contact us now to discuss how to make your images a reality.

Capture Photography Workshops

Photography is both an artist endeavour and a technical discipline.


Capture Photography workshops allow you to develop your photography in a hands-on, supportive workshop environment. You’ll gain the skills to do more with your camera and capture the images you’ve always wanted.

We offer small group and private workshops.

Capture Photography Tours

Coming  back in 2022, We at Xander Kabat Photography feel that it is wrong to book tours and take you hard earned dollars in a time when they can be cancelled with only a few hours notice. As such we have decided to not run any tours until the SARS-CoV-2 situation is under control.

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