Art of Pet & Animal Portrait

Your pet is part of the Family and whether you want to capture the enduring memory of them as a pup, a trusted companion, or as a memorial, we will capture the most incredible pictures that you will love for generations.

I know that your dog is part of your family, your best friend, and a huge part of your life.  My job is to create a beautiful memory of your furry family member, one that you will cherish for years to come. Just like us, our pets have their own personality. I will capture that personality by taking pictures in a setting that that means something to them and you, and not solely a black background. We can arrange a shoot at the beach, at your home or we can use their favourite park.  Your pet will be having fun, and be in best mind state for their photo session, which will show.

Pet portrait photography is available in the comfort and familiarity of your home, in a studio, or at their favourite place (recommended for dogs). We recommend, a background that means something to you and your pet it puts a personality and context to image, the days of the “studio” white, grey, and black backgrounds are over.

Environmental portraits are to be taken at your furry friends site of choice these provide extra personal memories to your image. These are “in action” or in situ portrait shots that bring the viewer into your pet's world.

We will guide you through the whole process from the initial consultation to the final stages, as we want the experience to be as effortless for you as possible.

Art of Pet & Animal Portraits

A professional service designed for your fury family member. Package includes:

Package includes:

  • pre-photoshoot planning meeting
  • shoot design consultation
  • portrait photography session of your choice
    • At location of your choice
  • 1 hour on-location time

  • Unlimited Pats for your pet during the session

  • online proofing gallery for viewing and selection

  • print design consultation*
  •     1 Animal = $150
  •     2 Animals = $180

Want to make it a True Family Portrait

  •     including 1 person = +$200
  • including 2-3 people = +$250
  • including 4-5 people = +$300

*Prints not included.

If you tell me a bit about your pet, and the kind of images you have in mind, I can help you find an location or setting where we can do photo shoot.

The thing about going to a special location for a photo session is exactly that, it’s special it means something to both of you and will be captured in the images.

Photo shoots in your home

Some animals are more comfortable with me going to their homes for the photo shoot. We can use their favourite bed, the couch or even just your backyard. You tell me and Ill make it work.

Your home can be the easiest and safest place to get images as your fur baby is generally not anxious.

I just need a room, I will bring all the lighting needed.

We can make any where work, after all the image is about your Pet not the background.  

Photo shoots in the open: beaches, parks, bush etc.

I love these sessions, animals with lots of energy running around and playing are the most beautiful moments to capture. Lets talk and see if you and your fuzzy can find the perfect place.

These are some questions I am frequently asked, so I hope I can answer most of the things you might want to know. Alternatively, just contact me and we'll go through everything you need to know. 



What if my pet isn’t well trained, or is nervous?

I'm very experienced working with animals, so usually we can get even the trickiest dog and cat to behave (and even if I can’t the cheeky photos are often the best).

Some dogs can get nervous around strangers and other dogs. If you don’t think your dog would be comfortable doing a photo shoot in a crowded area, then I can share with you some beautiful locations all over Perth that are more secluded and suitable for your companion.



Should I groom my pet before the photo session?

Yes! A well-groomed animal is often relaxed and proud of itself this will translate and they will look better in photos.



Should I bring/ or have available toys, treats, favourite blankets ect…?

No thank you I am on a diet… Just kidding YES of course!!! I will have some too but the more the merrier just ask the fuzz.

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