Fashion & Glamour

Fashion photography is focused on branding. The models, location, props, and other aspects of the shoot impart significance to your brand. The goal is to create a unique image that will capture the eye and elicit emotion, creating a memory that becomes attached to your product, and your brand. It is these emotions that create preferences and lead to purchases. The fashion trend is temporary, it keeps evolving and changing, so it is critical to constantly update your images with the latest trends.

Glamour photoshoot is an art where the facial beauty of the model is focused. Glamour photoshoot follows different techniques to reveal a model’s best physical features. As a result, we will bring out the best in you, from the outfits and cosmetics to lighting options and post-processing, all these options work together to make an impressively gorgeous image where you are the focus. You will feel confident and beautiful after performing a glamour photography shoot.

A Fashion & Glamour shoot is designed to make you look and feel amazing. Whether you want lifestyle photos or you are capturing personality & creative expression we have everything you need. Watch your visions come alive as we join forces to produce eye-grabbing images that bring out the best in you.

No matter what you’re looking for, be it an exciting gift for your partner, a way to celebrate yourself, amazing images for your portfolio or something a little bit different, we can cater to your needs in a fully personalised package.

As every fashion soot is differnt we work on a hourly rate of $150.00 per hour, which includes

  • the per-shoot meeting,
  • shot list meeting
  • shoot (per hour)
  • curation and
  • editing of photos. 

Together we will decide what you want me to capture. 

Number of photos are determined by shot list, you get them all that are on that list.

Contact us Now  to discuss your needs.

Hair and makeup are necessary for these photoshoots. However, there is no obligation for you to use our service and you are welcome to organise or do your own. *

Fashion and glamour hair and makeup is carried out by an experienced makeup artist and can be arranged from $160. Additional looks or time will incur additional costs.


*Using a non-professional makeup artist can affect the quality and efficiency of the shoot, using a makeup artist other than one recommended by or associated with Xander Kabat Photography can alter the image quality and therefore voids our guarantee.

These shoots are available on location, in studio, or a combination of both. Please contact us to discuss locations for your photoshoot.