Classes and Workshops

Photography is both an artist endeavour and a technical discipline, to master photography you must become proficient at both.


Capture Photography workshops allow you to develop your photography in a hands-on, supportive workshop environment. You’ll gain the skills to do more with your camera and capture the images you’ve always wanted.

Photography Basics

Level: Beginners

Date: XXX

Duration: 10.00am – 12.00pm for example

Cost: $199


Maximum participants: 10

Oh there are a lot of buttons!?!?!

New to Photography, recently purchased a digital SLR or mirrorless camera, or you have had your camera some time, but can’t not get the images you want.   Are you scared to take it off “Auto” mode because there are just too many buttons?

Capturing Photography Basics is designed to give you the confidence to get off Auto and start capturing the images you have always wanted. It’s the perfect starting point if you are brand new to digital photography!

We will introduce you into the world of using a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Learn about shutter speed, aperture, ISO and more. We will also touch on creative elements such as composition, perspective, tips and techniques. The aim of this workshop is to get you confident using a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

 What you will learn:

  • Basics of camera operation
  • The differences in image formats (RAW/Jpeg/Tiff) and what you need to consider
  • Focus control
  • Exposure
  • White Balance
  • ISO: Configuring your camera to shoot in different conditions
  • Shooting movement: How to get sharp images of moving subjects
  • Depth of field: Shooting for soft vs sharp backgrounds
  • Basics of composition
    • DOF
    • Rule of Thirds
    • Pay attention to BG
    • Messy
    • Sun
    • Dof
  • The best lenses for different styles of photography.

What you’ll need to bring:

  • Your DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Your lens/es

    This is a theoretical course, you need only to bring:

  • Notebook and a pen
  • and your imagination!

This workshop is suitable for digital cameras with manual controls (P, A/Av, S/Tv and M modes) including DSLRs, Micro Four Third cameras, mirrorless cameras and advanced compact cameras.

Capturing Composition Basics (3 hours)

Level: Beginners

Date: XXX

Duration: 10.00am – 12.00pm for example

Cost: $149

Instructor: Xander Kabat

Location: tbd 

Maximum participants: 5

“Why can’t I take photos like that?!” Photographer Xander Kabat will take a light-hearted look at composition without the jargon. This course is for those wanting to grasp the basics of photographic composition so they can capture the images they want out of their camera.

We will discuss topics ranging from lens choice, the “rules” of composition, and how lighting, framing, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and focus will influence your photo composition. How everything from environmental conditions through to camera settings will influence your composition

We will also take a brief look at the mysteries of post-processing, what it is, why you should (or shouldn’t) do it and how post-processing can make your photos come alive.

This workshop is targeted at the advanced-beginner or intermediate photographer. You should have a basic understanding of how to operate your camera.

What you will learn:

  • Exposure triangle – Balancing ISO, F-stop, Shutter speed
  • The “Rules” of Composition
  • Depth of Field
  • Lighting and shading
  • Lens Choice
  • Framing
  • The Golden rules of layout
  • Separation
  • Leading lines and views
  • Motion
  • Patterns and Textures

….and much more

    This is a theoretical course, you need only to bring:

  • Notebook and a pen
  • one (1) of your photos to discuss (optional),
  • and your imagination!

Introduction to Post Processing in Lightroom.


This is a two part course the first part is a 1.5 hours, Photo Shoot where Xander will help you take a great shot, the second part is a  Practical Classroom Workshop (3 hours), where we go step by step through the editing of the image you took in part one.

Level:  Advanced Beginners


  • Shoot:
    • Date: xxx
    • Time: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm (golden hour 5:34-6:21)
    • Location: Varies by course
  • Post Processing Workshop:
    • Date: xxx
    • Time: 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm
    • Location: TBD

Cost: $250 for both sessions

Maximum participants: 8


This workshop will reveal the least-hidden secret tool of the professional photographer: post-processing (‘the digital darkroom’). Post-processing is nothing new, nor is it purely a digital phenomenon; it was used when developing film photos. Professional photographers have always acknowledged it is necessary to adjust the raw photo to achieve the desired image.


Adobe Lightroom is the gold-standard when it comes to digital photo editing software. Lightroom is specifically designed for the photographer. It allows you to edit your photos in a straightforward, intuitive way and has a host of fantastic features. On the surface, Lightroom looks complicated but once you dive in and realise that its non-destructive editing process means you really can’t go wrong, it becomes easy to master.


This course is designed to get you post-processing and maximising your images quickly and effectively!


We will meet for a photo shoot maximising golden hour to capture some stunning images.


The following Monday, we will meet at Midland Camera House, RAW photo files in hand, to bring your images to life using Lightroom. We will work together through the entire process to edit an image from our photo shoot. You can work alongside Xander on the big screen or you can bring your laptop with Lightroom installed and follow along using your own image.


What you will learn:


  • RAW vs. JPEG photograph file formats
  • Importing and exporting images
  • Organising and curating your photo library
  • Getting to know Lightroom’s interface
  • Using a workflow for post-processing
  • Working with presets
  • Basic post-processing.


This workshop is suitable for any digital camera that can shoot RAW, including DSLRs, Micro Four Third cameras, mirrorless cameras, and advanced compact cameras.


What to bring: Sunday’s Photo Shoot


  • Your camera
  • Your lens/es
  • Tripod (optional)


What to bring: Monday’s Workshop


  • Image (memory card, USB stick)
  • Notebook and pen
  • Laptop with the latest version of Adobe Lightroom** installed (optional)


**Old versions of Adobe Lightroom will not be accommodated.


* An indoor shoot will be arranged in case of inclement weather.

Capturing your Journey

    Level: All welcome

    Cost: $149

    Location: tbd

    Maximum participants: 10

Although COVID-19 has closed off much of the world, as photographers here in Western Australia we are extremely lucky. From stunning beached to arid landscapes, to historical buildings, to stunning monoliths, we have it all on our doorstep!

Whether you are going around the state, for a weekend adventure or a walk in the bush, capturing and sharing your Journey is an important part of the experience for photographers.

In this workshop we will discuss what it means to be a travel photographer. You will receive inspiration and valuable tips on how to combine: art and techniques to capture those moments and share your story. Discover what it means to capture a journey and tell its tale through your images. We will also what camera kit essentials for travel. Get out there and capture those amazing sights offered by the place we live!

What you will learn:

  • How to create images that tell the story
  • 3 most important composition aspects of Travel photography
  • Essential Gear
  • Research and planning,
  • Where and how to find info
  • Setting up a plan
  • Shoot prep / Gear prep

This workshop is targeted at all levels of photographer. However, you should have a basic understanding of how to operate your camera.

This is a theoretical course, you need only to bring

  • a notepad,
  • and your imagination!


Xander is a photographer, photo educator and adventure based in WA Australia.  He specialises in landscape, travel, and wild-place photography. His photographic portfolio spans the globe, covering all 7 continents including Antarctica. His images attempt to tell a story of life on this planet by combining his passion for exploring diverse cultures and capturing the natural world.  Xander has had his work published around the world, including magazine covers.  

“Simply put, no matter where I go, if that is in my backyard of Western Australia or an African jungle, Antarctica or the cities of Europe, I am always amazed at the infinite beauty and wonder of this delicate planet we live on.”

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